April 2017

Foot Pictures

Crayons, Pens or Pencils

Ask a friend to be barefoot and stand on a piece of paper. Trace around their feet with crayon, pen or pencil. Then use the outline of her feet as a border and draw a portrait of your friend inside. You could draw a front view in one foot and on another foot draw a back view. You could draw one with toes up and the other with toes down. Have your friend do the same for your and then swap picture and smile.

Number Buzz

This is a fun game to play with a larger group. Possibly play it at a birthday get together.

Pick a number between 1 and 10. Then starting with "1," go around the circle taking turns saying the next sequential number. When someone gets to a number that has the chosen number in it or if the number is divisible by the number called say "buzz" instead of the number. If anyone forgets to "buzz," the person sits out until there is one person left. Then pick a new number to "buzz." See if you can get faster each time you go again.

Blindfold Game


Ask someone to put a blindfold on your and turn you around until you don't know which way you are facing. Wait until the blindfolded one is no longer dizzy. Then let your guide lead you through the house and give you things to identify by feeling, listening, or smelling. Then switch places. Try it out in the yard or in the park too.

Alphabet Search

Pens or pencils

Each person writes down the letters of the alphabet on your own piece of paper. All participants go around the house entering things on their list that start with each letter. The first person back to the kitchen with a complete alphabet of things wins. To challenge the participants have them find items from one theme (Games, Tools, Clothing).