February 2017

Memory Game

What you will need

Pack of Cards of some kind

This game can be played alone or with others. Do you have a good memory for faces, or numbers? Place a playing deck of cards on the table face down in a rectangle. Start with only 12 or 16. Take turns flipping over two cards. If the cards are a pair of the same colour, face or number you get to keep them and go again until all the cards are picked up. If the cards do not match on your turn, turn them back over and let someone else have a turn. Try to remember the cards you have already seen and match the most pairs. Play with an increasing number of cards, until you are playing with all of the cards.

Miniature Golf

Here is what you will need:
Pinning ball or rolled up paper
Large spoons

Clear a space on the floor to set up your miniature golf course. Lay five cups on their sides as far away from each other as you have room. These will be the holes to aim for. Decide on a start and a finish hole and what path to take between them. Then everyone takes turns hitting their ball with their golf club spoon. Keep track of how many spoon swings it takes each person to get through the course.

Have fun!


You will need the following

Pens or pencils

Each person draws four columns on a piece of paper and writes the five categories across the top of the page:
Boy's name Girl's name Place Thing Jesus

Then everyone tries to write down a word for each category that starts with the letter "a"
Then try to think of word for each category that start with the letter "b"
Go through every letter of the alphabet, thinking of something for each column. See who makes it to "z" first.

For the Jesus column you can write anything that relates to the Bible. If no one knows use google to look it up.

A great variation is to identify how the previous four categories connect with Jesus.