January 2017

Time Capusule

A "Time Capsule" can be fun for the family each year.

During the rainy, early evening days of January and early February find an airtight container or some item that can seal well.

Find some family items that can be placed into the "Time Capsule".
Find items that describe your family at the moment. Maybe a photo of Christmas and New Years
You can write down your new year's resolution and place it in the box.
Collect a few items that describe your family.
Have all the family members contribute something.
Write a family fact sheet together with your Adventurer.
Don't forget to list the pets.
Put the date on the lid and hide it in the back of a cupboard or if you want to be adventurous bury it in the yard where no one will dig it up.
Make a treasure map of where the capsule is located and have fun with you Adventurer finding it a year later.
Yes you can start with a "Time Capsule" to be dug up a year later or opened from your cupboard.
If you like what you are experiencing extend the time next time.
It is really great if you can do this each year and open them at Grade 12 Graduation.

Either way have fun, be creative, during the dark, dreary days of winter.

Recycle Metal Art

Materials: Junk Metal

Go on a treasure hunt around the house or wherever you choose to find odds and ends made of metal (foil, paper clips,bottle caps, coins). Build a metal sculpture from the things that you find.

Bring your materials to the next meeting and put your sculpture together using metal (like safety pins, paper clips) instead of glue or tape.
Have each family create their art piece and share it with the other families at the next meeting.

Have fun, be creative and be safe.