Household objects

Find objects in your house that make interesting noises or that you can make a noise with (mixer, taping spoons on bottles). Have your friends or family close their eyes while you make the sound. The first person to guess what object makes the noise gets to make the sound with the next item. You may also want to try your skill at making music with the items.

Drawing backs

Pretend that one of your fingers is a dry erase marker and your friend/s back is a whiteboard. Use your finger to draw a picture of an object or writing. Take turns being the dry erase marker and the whiteboard.

Backwards words

You will need paper and a writing utensil

Try writing a backwards note to a friend by starting on the righthand sid of the page and spelling all your words backwards. You could also write little backwards reminder notes for yourself and family.
Try writing words with the letters backwards.
Then look at them in the mirror and your will be able to read them.

First and last

Someone says the name of an animal and the next person says an animal that starts with the last letter of that name. Example: Say "duck" the next person could say "kitten" and the next person could say "Night Hawk". You would continue until everyone has a chance. Then start over again
Take turns saying animals until someone can't think of another one. The last person left gets to pick another category (colours, countries, items in the house, etc).

If an object could talk.

Have someone pick an object (Chair, Blanket, wheel, spoon) for you to tell a story about. Imagine what it would be like to be that object and describe your life. Tell how old you are, where you came from and what you do. When your life story is finished, pick an object for the next person to describe. You could write a story a group about an object in one room in your house. Tell it from the perspective of the object and any given day.