May 2017


Stuff you need

Manila folder
Pens or pencils

To turn a piece of card into a postcard, by cutting out a 4" by 6" rectangle from your folder. Then draw a line down the middle of one side of the card. Write a friends name and address on the right side of the line. Place your message to her on the left. Turn the card over and draw pictures on the other side. Pop your postcard into your friends mailbox or place a stamp on it and mail it! Guess how many days it will take to arrive.

Odd Out

Stuff you need
A room with things to rearrange

Everyone goes out of the room while one person rearranges five things in an odd way like turning some books upside down in a bookshelf, changes at calendar to the wrong month . Have everyone come back and try to find the things that are out of place. The first person to find all five wins. Don't forget to put everything back the way it was when you started.