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  1. Reflections on Proverbs

    The book of Proverbs are identified as the wise sayings of Solomon.
    They are written so we know how to live well and right.
    It discusses the questions of What life means and where is it going?

    It is universal in that it is for the inexperienced and young to get a grasp on reality.
    It is also for seasoned people to still learn wisdom and the reasons to be wise according to these sayings.

    The first step is to acknowledge God as our Creator and to give proper respect to God’s authority over our existence.

    From there sections refer to those who are wise and those who are foolish.
    Starting from an assumption there is God provides insight into our everyday life.

    When you read you will those sayings that stand out more than others.
    Share what stands out for you and how it relates to your life.

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